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Crystal Cave
healing from the heart

Crystal Cave Clinic


Crystal Cave Clinic is the place, coming straight from the cave of your heart. From the place, where everything has its beginning.

Thanks to this,  you have a guarantee,  that all treatments and products coming from Crystal Cave Clinic, are filled with pure, unconditional love and are created especially for you.

Give yourself the gift of health and take advantage of reflexology treatments by Therapeutic Reflexology (Reflexology) and balance work of your body.

Take care of your emotions by Quantum Therapy and Quantum Entrainment sessions during your reflexology treatments.

Give yourself and your relatives the purest breath of unconditional love contained in the products of Galreria Osita (Galeria Osita), such as: Cushion Covers, Mei Tai Baby Carriers, Wall Carpets, Special Occasion Pictures.

Make your order for tailored to your needs, original collection from  Jewellery With Purpose... (Jewellery With Purpose...), made of live crystals and gemstones.


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Healing from the heart...


"To achieve complete health, vitality and joy in every minute of your life, you need to balance the work of your body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I strongly belief in the possibility of the human body to be the ultimate healer.

Everything what you need to have for a better life is in your heart.  Only one thing, what you really need is somebody who will be a witness to this process.

Let me help you to achieve your wholeness on every possible level of your existance..."


Sylwia Achionye



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