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Jewellery With Purpose...

Everything started with an opal.

On an October evening Sylwia ordered an angel figurine made of opal, as a gift for somebody she knew. It was the description of the item that caught her eye. For two weeks the figurine waited in her drawer to be presented to its new owner, and over that short period the number of coincidences, mysteries solved and, in short, weird things happening around her was absolutely unbelievable!

This was how she embarked on her adventure with gemstones, her great love ever since.

The colours, the wonderful brilliance, the beauty, and above all, the inner energy of gemstones, coming from Mother Earth, have been known for thousands of years. Gems have been worn as for good luck or protection, and used for healing purposes. It has been believed that the magical power of gemstones can communicate to us, attracting us to those particular gems the properties of which we should be using in a given moment.  It is enough to show them your unconditional love and they will return it hundred fold.

That magical bond made her create her own collection, Jewellery With Purposeā€¦

Charms, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings - all custom made specifically for your needs.

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Galeria Osita...


Once upon a time a boy called Ositadinma was born. Since then, his mum started drawing for children, painting gifts for Christmas and other occasions. When Ositadinma turned one, his mum made her first cushion cover picturing his favourite kitten drawing. There was a lady who saw the cushion and wanted one for her baby, so Ositadinma's mum made another one for them, and then another one and another and another...

This is how Galeria Osita formed.

Mum made various items from cushions and wall carpets to Mei tai baby carriers, focusing mainly on children. Her baby boy is now a big boy but she's never stopped creating these beautiful items.

She's expanded her work and now not only children but adults enjoy her handmade cushion covers, putting a great deal of attention in to wedding gifts which customers truly love.

Galeria Osita was inspired by maternal love and over the years this love has been put in to every thing created in the Gallery. This love makes each item very special and unique and one of them can be Yours!

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Galeria Osita Crystal Cave Clinic

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